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grilling meat on a gas grill
A cartoon drawing depicts a chef, wearing an apron and chef's hat, grilling hamburgers.  The chef leans over the grill, enjoying the aroma of the charred burgers as it wafts into the air.  As soon as the burgers are cooked to perfection, they will be placed on toasted buns, adorned with ketchup, mustard, and other condiments, and enjoyed by those at the barbecue.

There's nothing like cooking over an open fire, and today's modern gas grills make it easier than ever. In addition to providing a fun way to interact with family and friends, grilling can also yield some delicious results that simply can't be replicated on a typical stove. Whether you are grilling beef, pork, chicken, or fish, there are a variety of recipes for all palates.

Burgers are one of the easiest dishes to cook, don't require lots of ingredients, and can be ready in a mere 10 minutes. Simply form hamburger into 3/4"-thick patties, season with salt and pepper, and throw on the grill. In just a few moments you'll have a delicious burger ready to be complemented with your favorite condiments.

Steak is also easy to prepare—the most tender cuts such as top loin, tenderloin, rib eye, t-bone, and porterhouse require just a bit of salt and pepper and no marinating. For a new take on steak, try cutting sirloin into cubes, placing on skewers, and grilling.

Pork loin or rib chops are also delicious, and take about 11 to 13 minutes to cook. Chicken pieces such as breasts, thighs, and drumsticks can be grilled plain, coated in barbecue sauce, or soaked in one of many different marinades. Finally, many types of fish cook well on a grill, but salmon and halibut are particularly easy to grill because of their flavor and firmness.

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Grilling Meat on a Gas Grill