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stainless steel grill
A black-and-white image of a new gas grill is displayed on a graduated gray background.  The grill is open to reveal the large cooktop, which is capable of holding a large amount of meats and vegetables during a backyard party or barbecue.  Doors underneath open to a storage area that holds pots, pans, tongs, and other accessories used during grilling.

Regularly cleaning your gas grill will not only ensure it lasts, it will also allow for maximum performance.

While there are some general instructions to follow when cleaning your gas grill, be sure to refer to your owner's manual before starting the cleaning process. Some manufacturers will provide specific instructions.

To start the cleaning process, burn off any residue that may have settled on your gas grill's racks. Simply turn the grill to high. You will know that the rack is sufficiently clean when the smoke subsides, typically in about 10 or 15 minutes. After the smoke subsides, turn the grill off. Once it has cooled off a bit, the rack can be scrubbed with a special rack cleaning brush or with crumpled aluminum foil.

Once the rack has been cleaned and the grill is completely cool, the interior and the exterior can be wiped down with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. Always check the bottom tray and grease-catching pan to remove any debris. If these areas are dirty, remove any residue by wiping them down. If the residue is caked on or difficult to remove, try gently using a putty knife or other flat object. The interior of the pan can also be cleaned with steel wool.

Finally, be sure to check briquettes periodically. If they are greasy on the top, turn them over. If they have already been turned, it may be time to replace them. Greasy or dirty briquettes can result in fires or in unwanted high heat, so don't overlook this important step when cleaning your gas grill.

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