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red grill and propane tank
A drawing of a red gas grill sits atop a white background.  The gas grill is fueled by propane from a bright yellow gas tank, which is housed underneath the grill.  Two pieces of meat are centered on the grill, cooking.  The drawing is rendered so that heat can be seen rising from the grill.

Today's modern grills have made outdoor cooking easier and more enjoyable than ever. However, as with any activity that includes fire, it's important to pay attention to safety when grilling.

Start by putting your grill in a safe place. Make sure it's in a well-ventilated area at least 10 feet from your home, trees, or other flammable materials. Never move a grill when it is lit, and always keep children and pets away from the grill when it is lit, or when it is hot.

Before using your grill, always read the manufacturer's directions. Getting to know all the components of your grill will help you light it and operate it more safely, reducing the likelihood of accident or injury.

When lighting or using the grill, always minimize your contact with it. Use heat-resistant mitts, and tongs that are long enough to allow for a safe distance away from flames. Avoid loose-fitting clothing or clothing that is flammable.

When you are done grilling, be sure to turn off the gas, shut vents, close the lids, and allow the grill to cool completely before cleaning or moving.

Despite best intentions, accidents do happen. In case of a fire, always keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

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